Dr. Sarah Ernst
Dr. Sarah ErnstCellular Detoxification Consultant, Chiropractor

Dr. Sarah Ernst D.C., D.PSc, Advanced Cellular Health Consulting

Dr. Sarah Ernst is the founder of Prosperity Health, a virtual cellular detoxification program.  Her own personal health crisis led her to spend countless hours studying and researching to create procedures that help people win victory over their health challenges so they can reach their full health potential.  “A lot of people don’t know their purpose or they search for it their entire life.” Dr. Ernst uses her experience to empower people with the principles to chose life over death.

She holds a Bachelor Of Science from the University of Maryland 2003, a Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan University 2008, and a Pastoral Medical Association degree 2014. She has advanced clinical degrees in Cardiometaboic Health, Pancreatic Health and Blood Glucose Regulation, Cellular Healing and Detoxification, and 100 Clinical hours in Applied Kinesiology. 

Dr. Ernst has become one of the most sought after virtual natural health care doctors. Dr. Ernst brings a unique approach to the treatment of Thyroid disease, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, and weight loss. Through cutting edge and diagnostic and functional analysis, she is able to uncover the hidden causes of why a patient is experiencing those conditions.  Her passion for wellness and nutrition has traveled across the world.  In 2010, she was involved in starting the first wellness center in Harare, Zimbabwe, offering Chiropractic and Nutrition services for thousands.  In 2012, she traveled to the London Olympics. She was one of the official doctors of the USA Judo, USA Weightlifting, and USA Wrestling teams. She assisted in the health of Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison.

Dr. Ernst is on a mission to save millions of lives around the world by educating and leading people to the promised land of health and healing. “I see nothing but greatness in my future, because that is what God promised.” He says in Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. “I stand on that promise today and look forward to the future I can offer others.”

Her Story

I never thought I would be thanking God that I got sick.  Over my lifetime I adopted a way of life that seemed very normal.  Growing up, most parents would consider me a normal healthy child.  I was born in a hospital, and received all the medical immunizations.  As an infant and toddler, I had chronic ear infections, which was usually treated with antibiotics.  I got the chicken pox and had poison ivy several times.   I got the common cold, multiple times throughout the year, the annual flu, chronic aches and pains, and fevers which were alleviated with whatever was stocked in the medicine cabinet.  I was very active as a kid.  I sprained my ankle and my wrist but I never broke a bone. Growing up, I lived my life believing that my body could not heal on its own.  I learned and believed that my chronic symptoms, even though not normal, were hereditary and it just happens when you get older. I even depended on medications like birth control to help regulate my cycles and clear my skin and quick fixes to relief pain and symptoms.  I also turned to food to help me cope.  My diet was based on microwavable meals, packaged food, and fast food.  I believed that the only way to feel better was to take a pill. 

Into my 20’s, I started to experience many more common symptoms that became chronic and at that time not the norm for anyone.  I suffered with many common and unexplainable symptoms such as weight gain, hair loss, chronic fatigue, low libido, brain fog, memory loss, chronic sinus infections, cold sores, hypoglycemia and blood sugar highs and lows, hot and cold temperature sensitivity, PMS, headaches, constipation, cystic and facial acne, chronic colds taking weeks to get over, heart burn, gas, bloating and cramping, sensitivity to wheat and dairy, food cravings, dry skin, depression, brittle nails, irritable, high anxiety, trouble focusing, back pain and insomnia.  When my health hit an all time low, I was experiencing a lot of change. I had just gotten married, I graduated from college and within a year my husband and I were moving across the country to go to Chiropractic school.  I was living a dream with massive health challenges.   All of the symptoms that started in my 20’s just seemed to escalate year after year. Upon graduation of Chiropractic school, my husband and I moved back to the East Coast to start a Chiropractic practice.  This is a dream most new graduates would die for.  However, at that point all I wanted to do was die.   With the stress of a new office, the symptoms got even worse.  I experienced chronic viral infections every few months, debilitating headaches and even suicidal thoughts, major mood swings, and extreme irritability.  At that point, being a newly principled Chiropractor, I understood the importance of taking proper care of my body.  I also was able to put some of the puzzle pieces together as to why I felt the way I did.  I quickly adopted a lifestyle including a healing diet, proper exercise, minimizing stress, a healthy mindset and most importantly keeping my spine aligned through Chiropractic adjustments.  It helped however, it didn’t fix it completely.  After about 3 years in practice, I got pregnant, which was an absolute miracle with how sick I was.  Most women dream of the day they get to enjoy their pregnancy.  My 9 months of pregnancy was complete misery.  I had chronic insomnia throughout the entire pregnancy.  I had restless leg, gained 60 pounds, shortness of breath and even panic attacks. I was also diagnosed with anemia. Our daughter was right on time, but with a 3 day labor process and 4 hours of intense pushing.  She was borderline diabetic and weighed ten pounds one ounce.  Healing for us both took many months.  I dealt with mastitis almost every other week and other chronic infections.  

Around this time was introduced to a new way of healing, called cellular healing.  It was at this point that I learned how chemical, physical and emotional toxicity can cause a perfect storm of a myriad of symptoms.  I learned that these toxicities accumulate over my lifetime and even in utero.  I learned that stressors can interrupt chemical pathways in the brain, disrupt hormone receptors and even cause premature aging and cancer.  I was not ok with this life sentence.  I knew God had a huge plan for me and it involved helping people heal from toxicity issues just like mine.  He knew that I had a desire to help people reach their God given health and purpose in their life.  He knew that my desire was so great.  HE put those desires there.  I remembered the day like it was yesterday, I said, “God how am I going to do that if I can’t even get myself well?”  He said “you take the next year getting your health back and I will make it happen.”  It was that day that I said I am done with being sick.  I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I am giving my health 100% full attention.   I was determined to find the cause.  I was determined to get well.  I believed that I could get well.  I had a desire.  I knew I had a purpose with my life. My personality is fix it or forget it.  I was aggressive in my approach.  I was purposeful. 

My mission is empower people with the principles to chose life over death. Health is about life! I see nothing but greatness in my future, because that is what God promised.  He says in Jeremiah 29:11  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  I stand on that promise today and look forward to my future.  I also look forward to supporting you in your health goals.  Some of you are relating to this story. Maybe this is your story or you know someone who is living this story.  I guarantee you are not alone, because I lived it.