Effectiveness of Cellular Healing

Effectiveness of cellular healing requires a change in the types of food and how the food is prepared for consumption. Most foods are currently filled with chemicals and toxins that inherently will inflame the cell causing disease. The Cellular Healing Diet, proposed by Dr. Dan Pompa was created to remove inflammation from the body. This diet is based on three main principles, which include, removing sugars and grains, removing bad fats, and eliminating toxins.

Removing Bad Fats

Replacing the bad fats with good fats is the first step in healing the cell membrane, which will decrease your chances for disease. Bad fats include hydrogenated oils, trans fats, and vegetable oils. If you see any of those words on a food label, RUN as fast as you can. Research shows that these oils are linked to serious diseases like Diabetes, Thyroid disease and Cancer. Adding good fats such as raw olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, and nuts will support the necessary functions of the cells. Therefore, cell function and survival will occur.

Eat grass fed and organic meats

Commercial meats come from animals that are fed a low quality diet. These animals eat a grain-based diet filled with pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and hormones. Because of this, you are also accumulating the same toxic load they ingested. Studies are linking heart disease and even cancer to commercial meats. The best way to combat this issue is to eat only grass fed/grass finished organic meats. It is best to find a farm or research the source you are buying from. To ensure you are getting safe meat, always ask the source if there are antibiotics or hormones added and the meat should be grass fed and grass finished. Grass finished means the animal did not have any period of grain consumption.

Removing sugars and grains

We all know that an apple is better for us than a candy bar. So when we talk about removing sugars and grains we are referring to not only the white table sugar but even the whole grain breads. We are talking about the white rice and pasta. Hidden sugars in lunch meats, sauces, canned foods, fruit juices, yogurt, ketchup, and crackers to name a few are responsible for one- third of our sugar consumption.

It is imperative to remove all grains from the diet until cellular inflammation is eliminated. Once the cells heal, incorporating grains that have the word “whole, stone ground, or sprouted” are acceptable.