Diabetes is an epidemic that more than 26 million americans
are plagued with every day.

It will often go undiagnosed until the symptoms are severe. You could be experiencing pre-diabetes or diabetes if you experience unusual weight gain, excessive thirst, blurred vision, frequent infections, extreme hunger even after eating, irritability, blood sugar handling issues, chronic fatigue, low or high blood pressure and numbness and tingling in hands and feet. However once diagnosed, most people often feel that it is a life sentence.

There are two types of diabetes

Type 2 diabetes affects about 90 percent of diabetics defined as chronic high blood sugar or diet induced and is 100% curable.

Type 1 diabetes is juvenile onset diabetes, an autoimmune condition, occurring in a small percentage of the population. The immune system attacks the very cells that make insulin, therefore Type 1 diabetics have to supplement insulin for the rest of their life.

We offer a variety of testing to determine the source of what is driving the disease. After evaluation of the patient, several tests are run to determine the focus of care. Included in the testing are the following: complete metabolic panel, HGBA1C, Leptin, C-Reactive Protein, Lp-PLA-2, and a Micronutrient Test.