Weight Loss Resistance is the most common symptom from an
imbalance in hormones.

The typical way to treat an imbalance is to give more hormones, which causes your body to stop making its own hormones. To find the cause of the imbalance we must go upstream instead of treating the symptoms. Our hormone control center is in the brain, made up of the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. They are responsible for sending messages to cells to tell them to burn fat for energy, balance blood sugar, signal your thyroid to produce thyroid hormones, and many other hormone functions.

Many people can’t’ lose weight and still feel sick because they are looking in the wrong place. Nutrition and exercise are important however, it is not the complete solution. Research has shown that environment and food toxins are just some of the main sources. They can attack and challenge the endocrine system therefore causing mixed messages to the cells. The result of the miscommunication causes abnormal hormone production.

A complete hormone urine panel and heavy metal testing are some of the non invasive tests that we run to conclude hormone imbalances and how to completely restore proper hormone function in the body.