Our body has an amazing ability to tell us when something is wrong inside our body.  Pain is just like a fire alarm sounding when there is a fire.  Pain is our bodies way of telling us that there is something not right and we need to fix it or doing something to help it heal.  Pain is a good thing! However, when the pain becomes chronic rather than transitory, the alarm has gone off too long.  Have you ever been in a parking lot when a car alarm goes off?  Or what about in a retail store and the alarm sounds?
Alarms are there to make us take action. When we don’t take action and the alarm continues to sound, our body gets used to it and the pain becomes a normal occurrence.  Most people don’t even turn their head when an alarm goes off in a store or parking lot anymore. Ignoring pain or accepting that it is just part of life is very dangerous and can lead to more serious diseases and health complications.  Let us help you find the cause of your pain and stop it in its tracks.