Dear Dr. Ernst,

I have been on pain medications and disability for 20 years. I had been to physical therapist, and multiple doctors. No one could help me find the cause.

I have seen and felt massive change in my health over the last 6 months we have been working together. With the efforts to remove heavy metals and detoxify my body, I am now more vibrant, have more energy, and I am back to playing basketball.

For the first time in 20 years I have been medication free. I have my life back!

Dear Dr. Ernst,

I had Type 1 and 2 diabetes and my sugar levels were Out of Control. After only three months of working with Dr. Ernst my sugar levels are now normal.

I no longer require my diabetic medications and my insulin dosage has been reduced by 50%.

My doctor said she has never heard of anyone getting results like this and she is amazed by the changes.

My energy is up and I’m now working out each day! It’s incredible!

I came to Dr. Ernst suffering from hormonal highs and lows with early menopausal symptoms. The hot flashes and irritability seemed to be the worst.

I was constantly tired and suffered with chronic viral infections. I could only sleep but maybe four hours a night. I was on 9 different medications to try to control the symptoms, but it only my problem worse.

When I met with Dr. Ernst, she gave me hope. She coached me through knowing what true health is about. She found what was causing my hormonal imbalance.

Since working with Dr. Ernst, I have lost over 20 pounds, I have clearer thinking, lots more energy. I have my life back.


Bill and Jeannie are a husband and wife who came in together for treatment. When asked what life was like before meeting Dr. Ernst, Jeannie said, “I had accepted I could not lose weight. I had joint pain.” Bill had similar issues, saying, “[My] weight had gotten higher than I wanted and I had pain in my hip.”

Both had tried various medications and weight loss programs with no success.

Bill described the process with Dr. Ernst, “[She] explained how what we were eating was or could be causing some of our health issues. As our diet changed, my weight started dropping and the stiffness in my hip began to go away.”

After ten months of treatment with Dr. Ernst, Bill said, “[I am] back to high school weight and I have no more hip pain when getting up in the morning.” Jeannie says, “I have gone off most of my medications. I have more energy and I’m going to the gym.”

Before working with Dr. Ernst, I could not lose weight no matter what I did. I suffered with fatigue and severe depression.

After starting the fasting and dietary changes I lost 22 pounds in two weeks! I have more energy to play with my grandchildren and live life to the fullest. I have my joy back.


For years I suffered with insomnia. I had problems falling asleep and staying asleep. I was only able to sleep for 5-6 hours per night. It affected my marriage and my job.

In a matter of just a few weeks of working with Dr. Ernst, I started sleeping better and my digestion improved 10 fold. I have never felt this good!

Jim Beach at BeachAs we struggled with Jim’s disease, medicine became a key ingredient in the battle.   Jim’s doctors have aggressively pursued trying new & different medicine combinations to improve the quality of Jim’s life.   There was even a 17 day hospital stay in a specialized senior medicine unit.   But with all of this, Jim was continuing to decline at a rapid rate – including losing over 50 lbs and non-stop drooling.

Last summer things seemed to be totally falling apart. In addition to the problems mentioned above, Jim could no longer walk up steps without assistance and totally stopped talking. About this time, I heard a radio show with Dr. Sarah and Dr. Aaron Ernst on the connection between dementia and inflammation.   Dr. Sarah explained that “research links chronic low grade inflammation with changes in the brain structure that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease”.      And what causes inflammation?   She went on to say the leading culprit is sugar. Even a slight elevation in blood sugar can increase the production of inflammatory chemicals, Research also indicates a strong relationship between inflammation outside of the brain (in your body) and the risk of developing dementia.   I had to admit the sugar connection to Jim’s dementia made sense, given the huge amount he ate.

After about a month [with Dr. Sarah], I noticed subtle changes.  Jim would occasionally say a word or two and his natural color was starting to come back. Then 2 months later, Jim’s dementia doctor reduced the daily dosage of his controlled substances 60%. The combination of reduced controlled substances and diet changes created an almost instantaneous transformation. Jim’s appetite roared back and the drooling stopped in addition to a vastly improved physical condition.

We went to see Jim’s doctor and he was astonished at Jim’s improvement. He called it extremely “atypical” and something he does not see in his practice. To me, it seems like a tangible victory after 2 hard years of a heavy battle against dementia. I am so grateful to have my husband back in a much more recognizable condition. Jim is not healed from dementia, but he has definitely defied its progress. That is an incredible gift from God.