Biotoxins are everywhere and usually are unseen by the naked eye.

Biotoxins are considered the silent killer because most people don’t know they have been exposed to them. Sources of biotoxins include, mold, lyme, and pathogens and bacteria invading the body through dental procedures like root canals and cavitations, or any surgical procedures. They can also be exposures from the air we breath in and outside the home.

Biotoxins are so serious because they quickly attach to the cell membrane causing massive inflammatory responses leading to disease. Biotoxins overload your body and destroy your body’s natural detoxification processes. The main symptoms people experience with biotoxins are brain fog, inability to handle stress, headaches, memory loss or inability to concentrate, chronic fatigue or weakness, non-restful sleep, and muscle aches or cramps, and cold extremities.

Specialized testing determines your biotoxic load in your body. Biotoxins are easily removed with the correct and safe procedures that are formulated based on individual needs.